Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Purchase Clinic

You are likely here because you want to learn more and were referred by a trusted partner (a peer, peer group, professional association, your medical supply distributor, or a manufacturer).

Let’s see if we can anticipate your questions:

What is Purchase Clinic?

Purchase Clinic is a tool that connects independent physician offices and surgery centers with industry best pricing for medical and non-medical supplies.

Why participate?

To save money! Participation will lower your distributor and manufacturer’s costs on medical and non-medical supplies. When their costs go down, so do yours.

What is the cost of Purchase Clinic and your services?

There is no cost – it is free.

Will Purchase Clinic bill me, ask for a credit card or try to sell me anything?

No, Purchase Clinic does not sell anything other than the value of participation, which is free.

Is there an obligation to purchase anything?

No, there is not a purchase obligation.

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What happens after I sign-up?

To make sure the program is a good fit, we ask for and will contact your medical supply distributor – in many cases we are already in-touch with them. We contact your distributor to ensure that the program is a good fit and will lower costs. If the program is not a fit, or you work with a distributor that is unable to access our costs, we will contact you with options before moving forward. You may cancel at any time.

What if the program is not a good fit?

If the program is not a good fit, you will probably hear from Purchase Clinic first, but if for any reason you decide it is not the right program, just let us know via an email to and we will respond with an email confirmation cancelling participation.

Will this change how I order from or make payment to distributors or manufacturers?

No, Purchase Clinic does not change how you order and receive invoices from your suppliers. Purchase Clinic will never invoice you and you continue to order and pay as you are accustomed.

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What is offered beyond medical supply savings?

Almost every non-labor component of your expense budget is covered, including office supplies, direct contracts and employee perks. We will be in-touch once we’ve established medical supply savings with your distributor to review these opportunities.

Will my organization receive access to hospital pricing?

Yes, and while many programs advertise ‘hospital pricing’ – not all hospitals receive the lowest pricing. This is the lowest, most competitive, pricing available.

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For immediate answers to any questions you have don’t hesitate to e-mail us at or give us a call at 1.877.659.2159.

More FAQs

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Simply go to and fill out a quick enrollment form. You are able to immediately access the AdvantageTrust portfolio and begin to realize savings.

Does Purchase Clinic replace procurement staff, contract negotiators, supply chain personnel or materials managers?

Absolutely not. Purchase Clinic is designed by procurement professionals to support both procurement professionals and procurement-related job functions. We support administrators, owners, executives, purchase managers, office managers and anyone else involved in the purchasing process.

How does Purchase Clinic provide incredible value?

Through our partnership with HealthTrust, Purchase Clinic offers customers the most competitive and comprehensive source for products and services through the AdvantageTrust portfolio for physicians and other non-acute providers. With a total committed purchasing power of over $27 billion, HealthTrust is the largest committed program offering the most competitive costs in the industry.

How much money can I save by switching to the AdvantageTrust contract portfolio with Purchase Clinic?

Without detailed analysis, the exact amount of savings is difficult to identify. With the AdvantageTrust portfolio, members have realized an average of 10-20 percent savings, depending on the category and any locally-negotiated contracts.

Who is eligible to join the program?

Almost any independent alternate-care site provider is eligible to participate. When you join, you agree that membership in the program is exclusive and prohibits you from participating in similar programs offered by other GPOs.

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